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About Us

The Company, Nile Amusement Consultants is a platform where a number of people put their trust. Nile Amusement consultants company is a reasonable, feasible and affordable platform to gather the clients for proper plan of their business. It’s a company specialized for those who set up Amusement places as a business. The businessmen are welcomed to seek paid guidance & advice from the consultants All over the world, a number of dealers and contractors and business developers keep in touch with us to be venerated with modern, enthusiastic, productive and effective advice & deal with us in terms of purchasing & selling.

The company was set up in 2015 with an objective to assist the business developers in solving the queries related to the place designed for amusement purpose. To attain our motive, we setup the company where professional consultants are employed, assuring the clients in planning the best of their schemes. Although Nile is established in Islamabad, yet we are globally certified and highly reputed Internationally. In 2015, We were able to realize that developing a business and making it successful are two different elements. To turn this realization into analyzation, Amusement Consultants were gathered on feasible rostrum to bring Our company “Nile Amusement Consultants’’ in its form Setting up a business of amusement parks or places is not a difficult task but attaining the name and flourishing it is.

This task can only be be conducted when you have a sound background knowledge and plans with correct guideline. For the accomplishment of sound background, the Nile amusement consultant company would never refrain from offering its services. Our services are not confined to one department rather It has multitude purposes that are all meant to facilitate our clients. e of the best services provided by our company is its Highly- qualified & inventive consultants who bring out the best in you. We hire skillful & brilliant employees who would ask you a couple of relevant questions & then provide you with relevant plan . Their dealing & communication is judged via multiple tests while recruiting them. Their prime focus is Bonus of our client. They are trained in a way as to bring the most fitting advice for your amusement Stop & they are emotionally intelligent to handle the versatile questions dropped by our clients.

faqs in nile

  1. What should be the name of theme park?
  2. What should be the suitable area to set up an artificial park?
  3. What kind of rides usually attract people?
  4. What should be the number of arcade gaming screens?
  5. What are the best screens in the friendly budget?
  6. What activities should be held to attract children?
  7. Which elements In our zoo can convince people?
  8. Should there be indoor/outdoor games? Etc.

Should there be indoor/outdoor games? Etc.